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Pony-O 2.0 Dark Brown

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The Pony-O 2.0 Dark Brown is a revolutionary hair elastic with which you can make the most beautiful, highest ponytails. Always wanted to have a look à la Ariana Grande? This is the tool! This variant of the Pony-O has the same circumference as the Classic Pony-O, but the elastic is narrower.

The hair elastic from Pony-O is a rubber, flexible band that you can bend around your hair, creating beautiful volume. This elastic has texture on the inside, so you don't have to worry about a hair elastic that constantly slips out of your hair!

This hair elastic:

  • creates a lot of volume
  • for a high ponytail
  • rubber, flexible strap
  • with grip on the inside
  • suitable for any type of hair

How to use:

  • Brush your hair and make a ponytail at the desired height.
  • Instead of a normal hair elastic, you now put the Pony-O around your hair.
  • Press the Pony-O as flat and tight as possible.
  • Then bend the elastic with the ends downwards, creating volume.